Bargarran House

Bargarran House

Bargarran House had been home to the Shaw family for many centuries.  We do not know the exact date when they come into ownership of the Estate, but records in the National Archives of Scotland show they were there in the mid 16th Century.

Bargarran’s largest neighbour was the Erskine Estate (now known as Mar Lodge), which owned a vast proportion of the area, including the local Parish Church and Graveyard.

Erskine Parish Church as it was then known was the Shaw’s local church, though we also find them attending services in Old Kilpatrick on the North banks of the River Clyde.  Erskine Parish Church is now known as Bishopton Parish Church.

You can view the location of Bargarran and North Barr House on the National Library of Scotland’s website on a georeferenced map, which allows you to switch between historical mapping and the current Google Satellite image here.