CfE Schools Pack

Claire at Schools Pack Launch

Claire at Schools Pack Launch

RWH1697 presents an education resources to make learning both interesting and varied.

The resources meet the requirements of Curriculum for Excellence and have been developed in consultation with Renfrewshire Schools. The secondary school history and drama packs are aimed at Level 3 experiences and outcomes and come with a variety of active learning ideas to bring History alive! The primary school section is geared for the senior years of primary.

Please download the Scheme of Work detailing how each lesson delivers Curriculum for Excellence and use this as a guide to delivering the pack. For your convenience, we have provided both a Teachers pack and a Pupil Pack. The Teacher Pack contains important cfe activities, such as ideas for discussion and debate, while the Pupil pack contains shorter activities such as questions that can be used as lesson starters or extension tasks.

It is recommended that pupils undertake a series of tasks contained within the pack and work towards conducting research to culminate in a final presentation or project as this will further develop some the skills that are central to Curriculum for Excellence.

The Renfrewshire Witch Hunt of 1697 has links with a wide range of subjects taught within the school curriculum and this would make an ideal interdisciplinary learning experience to provide depth, challenge and enjoyment of learning.

We hope you find the resources helpful and would be delighted to hear of any feedback that you may have.


Secondry Schools Files

Scheme of Work scheme-of-work

The Teachers Booklet  teacher-booklet-v4

The Pupils Booklet  pupil-booklet-v4

The Bewitchment of Christian Shaw PowerPoint The-Bewitchment-of-Christian-Shaw

The Bewitchment Explained PowerPoint  The-Bewitchment-Explained1

Beliefs & Superstitions PowerPoint Beliefs-and-Superstitions

Short films

The Bewitchment of Christian Shaw The Bewitchment of Christian Shaw (WMV file)
The Accused The Accused (WMV file)

Primary Schools 

Class Planner Primary-17th-century-planner1