Research Group

The research group is based the RWH1697 Creative Hub in the Paisley Centre.  By the middle of February we expect the Research area to be manned Monday to Friday with volunteers carrying out research.  On a Monday and Tuesday our lead researcher will in between 10 and 4 and will also be able to deal with other enquires relating to Renfrewshire History and Family History.

The aim of the group is to research Christian Shaw’s Genealogy, the 1696/97 accusations and the her families involvement in the development and growth of the Thread Industry in Renfrewshire and beyond.  The Shaw’s legacy to Paisley & Renfrewshire has been underestimated over the last 200 years, and is is only now we are beginning so see the full legacy in Renfrewshire and beyond.

We are currently recruiting volunteers, who want to get involved in the research.  In particular we are keen to get some volunteers who are interested in Paisley’s History, so we can create some new displays on the history of Paisley.

If you want to get involved please use the contact form below to contact our Head Researcher or come and see us in the RWH1697 Creative Hub on a Monday or Tuesday.


Please enter your contact details and a short message below and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible.