Board of Manufacturers Minutes

The Board of Manufactures appear to have enquired of Christian Shaw on how to devlop and improve Thread Manufacturing in Scotland.  Their Minute Books now held in the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburghmention a Mrs Millar of Johnstoune, in the years 1727 to 1728, and it is in 1729 we see confirmation that Mrs Millar of Johnstone is actually Christian Shaw.    (National Archives Ref. NG1.1)

Edinburgh, 6th October 1727, Friday 10am
Lord Milntoun, Mr Stewart, Prov. Mcauley, Mrs Irving & Mr Lindesay

Lord Milntoun chosen Preses.

Mrs Donaldson & Mrs Millar were discoursed with upon spinning & the way to remedy the defects that it at present labours under here, who gave it as their opinion that both time & good spinning want to be promoted if not introduced, which they believed might be done by the direction or by some encouragement to those of this country who have made the greatest progress therein.

Edinburgh, 3rd November 1727, Friday 10am

Recommendation to Lord Monzie, Mess. Mcauley, Drummond and Paterson to converse with Mrs Millar of Johnstoune now in Town and bring in her proposals for Spinning and Twisting Thread.

Edinburgh 12th April 1728

A precept on the cashier for paying Mrs Millar, Mistress of the Spinning School erected by the plan at Edinburgh Fifty Pounds Sterling as her salerie from the first of April last (1728) to the first April next 1729.

Edinburgh 18th April 1729

A precept on the Cashiers for paying over out of the Monies appropriated to the Linen & Hempem Manufacturers for the Year 1729 to Christian Shaw relict of Mr John Millar, Minister of the Gospel Fifty Pounds Sterling in full of her salerie payable per advance from the year first of April 1729 to the first of April next 1730 as Mistress of the Spinning School erected at Edinburgh.